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Alessia Selini is a pop-soul independent singer-songwriter

based in Milan, Italy.

In 2022, she released her first mellow pop and intimate single "Happy Place", her second emotional single "Time" and her soulful and groovy

"Busy With You", and collected them all in her debut EP

"Looking At The Moon" containing the previous releases along with

a new track, the cinematic and poignant "Worth The Risk".


In 2023, she returns with a special edition of that very same record. ‘Looking At The Moon (Deluxe Edition)’ contains a stripped-back, intimate rendition of all the original four tracks, here proposed into a simpler, yet hard-hitting formula.

Her music showcases a range of talented songwriting, 

enchanting and charismatic vocals, groovy and soulful melodies,

featuring wide pianos, acoustic guitars and tame drums,

tied up and delivered on aheart-warming and soul-bearing platter.

Alessia regularly performs live music on where she's building her online global audience and she's now working on new projects and new music.



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